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Stylish brick work with cementWhat do people look for when it comes to buildings or structures? There are three strong aspects that should be taken into utmost consideration, including​
● Design
● Longevity
● Safety

Every structure should be built to be strong with unparalleled performance, versatile beauty and require low maintenance and other building materials.

High-quality building materials should be durable in that it stands the test of time, capable of resisting wind, fire, pests, mold, water damage, and vandalism. This should be backed by robust structural integrity, decreased maintenance costs, as well as popular insurance policy premiums.

High-performance masonry contractors should offer clients residential and commercial projects that prevent fires from spreading all around as well as total structural damage and loss. But besides that, such a structure should also stand against the elements of nature like rainfall, snowfall, and strong gusty winds to ensure absolute safety for homeowners and other occupants.

These qualities serve as the foundation for what WLC Masonry offers to the residents of Guelph, Ontario and so much more.

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    About our Brick & Stone Masons

    When it comes to masonry projects of either stone, brick, or concrete, WLC Masonry stonemasons stand at the forefront of all other masonry contractors here in Guelph, Ontario. Our team comprises a strong batch of some of the most highly professional, experienced and trained masons who are laser-focused on providing only the top quality service and products. Our success is not simply translated by high-quality equipment, products, and services that we have been providing for so many years now, but also the unparalleled customer satisfaction that we have given to our residential and commercial clients In The Royal City.

    The best part of our services is that we offer competitive pricing that best fits the budget of our clients. You can get a free quote by filling out the form you’re on this page, or better yet give us a quick call and one of our experts will give you a fast estimate over the phone.

    Learn More About Our Masonry Work

    WLC Masonry offers a handful of only services and products of unrivaled quality and meticulous care, some of which include:
    Stone Masonry
    Brick and concrete stairs and steps
    ● Retaining walls
    ● Veneer walls
    Fireplace installation
    Chimney replacement and repairs
    ● Tuckpointing
    ● After kitchen

    Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, we cover all manner of masonry for every local home or business owner to use for many years to come.

    A engineer and a contractor together

    ​General Contracting

    Besides possessing top-quality equipment, tools and materials for virtually any contracting project, we pride ourselves in delivering a job that’s well done and highly appreciated by our clients. What helps WLC Masonry standout more among its competitors is that we offer affordable, competitive pricing and quick but meticulous construction services, but not before offering complete pre-construction scheduling,  estimation, as well as phasing plans that are dedicated to your project and made before the construction process commences. By choosing our services, our top experienced and trained professionals will offer you the following services for your general contracting needs:
    ● Professional accounting support
    ● Contract management charge orders and cost control
    ● General contractor, subcontractor and owner coordination
    ● All-round on-site supervision
    ● Documentation control using online project management systems
    ● Warranty period management
    ● Quality and safety control management

    Brick parging work


    For those who don’t know, parging refers to the coding of a foundation’s exterior walls with a protective coat the cement. Not only does it give your foundation that little extra boost of strength, but it also upgrades its visual appeal to an aesthetically pleasing level. It can be installed on current or even new walls for is a residential or commercial project. Many mixtures of parging are made from a combination of common, lime cement, masonry cement, and water. It usually takes one whole day to complete, although certain jobs can take longer. Here at WLC Masonry, our expertise lies in traditional exteriors with both decorative and parging treatments. We also offer full block wall parging, chimney parging and so much more.​

    Brickwork with a hammer and cement

    Brick Masonry

    Some things like bricks just never go out of style no matter how many years go by and for legitimate reasons too - bricks offer to soundproof, fire resistance, as well as a vintage appeal for interior as well as exterior areas. WLC Masonry knows full well about the many advantages that come with bricks and are in the possession of the best-graded brick construction materials that will make your house look sturdy and beautiful at the same time. What’s more, our masons are equipped and ready to replace aging bricks to ensure the foundation is kept as strong as it is. If that’s not enough, we will also offer to clean and seal your house’s entire bricking system to ensure it holds out for many more years to come.
    Worker is restoring an old building in Guelph

    Repair and Restoration

    The countless years of experience have enabled us to perfect our ability to restore and repair any building and structure meticulously to its original and pristine state. And to ensure a spotless service, we will remain fastened to our work so that the end result is as our client expects it to be and so much more. When re-refurbish old masonry materials, we are able to salvage the current material and then put it to good use. This way we can preserve the aesthetic allure of your building while also making sure you save on your hard-earned money.
    Chimneys with blue sky

    Chimneys and Fireplaces

    If you’re living in areas where the weather constantly fluctuates, exposing your chimney to several natural elements such as snow, rain, wind, and severe temperatures. Mortar and bricks on the chimney will weaken faster than any other part of your house. If this keeps up, then it will pose a serious injury risk to you and your family. So that’s why it’s best to perform a routine checkup of your chimney from time to time just to avoid such issues. Some of the regular chimney repairs include installing or replacing chimney caps, animal guard installation, fireplace restoration, leaking/waterproofing problems, flue tile replacement, tuckpointing, or completely rebuilding your chimney.
    Mason tuckpointing adds mortar to brick joint in Guelph


    The mortar that binds your block, brick, or stone masonry eventually withers away with time due to moisture which could result in a crumbling, leaky, or damaged mortar joint, evidently costing homeowners plenty of money in unsolicited repair costs. This is the reason tuckpointing was introduced, which is the process of removing old or damaged mortar and tucking a fresh batch of mortar to the joint area. This gets rid of any possible leaks, which thus improves the overall structural support, not to mention restore the aesthetic value and integrity of your building or structure.
    Wall build by stone in Guelph

    Stone Work

    The stone masons here at WLC Masonry have hands-on experience about all manner of stone construction from chimneys to walkways to complete home constructions. Although stone is the more expensive option and other building materials, it does come across more natural-looking and will strive to keep costs as low as possible by sourcing stone from a variety of distributors and offer more reasonable costs for the labor that we provide. We can build stone walls, pillars, and entrances with several methods such as a traditional double-sided, dry stone wall to a single leaf cladding. If that’s not enough, we also provide several stone garden features like paving, patios, stone raised beds, retaining walls, rustic water features, ornamental stone planters and more.
    Driveway in front of home Guelph ON


    ​Driveways should elevate the level of your house or office’s curb appeal. There should be a variety of paving options and materials to choose from including gravel, concrete, asphalt, resin, block paving, and brick paving among many others. But more importantly, a properly constructed driveway needs to showcase uniformity in both soil compaction and composition, properly placed joints, reinforcement, proper finishing, drainage, and curing techniques. And that is why WLC Masonry is just the company that can offer you such amazing facilities, that too at affordable rates. Resin as more visual appeal, although block paving is a common option as well. Gravel and asphalt are usually the more affordable choices available.

    Contact Us for Restoration, Repair & Construction Today

    So whether it comes to tuckpointing, repairing or constructing fireplaces, stonewalls, pavements, driveways, or even repair and restoration, WLC Masonry is here 24/7, 365 days a year to offer you our state of the art equipment and materials, unmatched performance, as well as quick and efficient services to ensure you get a finished product that doesn’t just meet your expectations but also exceeds them. So get in touch with us now by requesting a free quote using the number provided on our website or social media channels and our customer service department will be happy to discuss installation options and materials required for whatever masonry construction assignment you have for us.


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