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Concrete landing and flooringWLC Masonry is committed to 100% customer satisfaction which is by performing our job with a great level of attention to detail and a penchant to using tools and equipment of the highest class. With over decades of hands-on experience in all manner of masonry construction and repair, you’re of the right mind to trust our team of seasoned and professional masons in getting the job done in a fraction of the time it takes other contracting companies to perform, while also offering reduced costs to appease your overall budget.

WLC Masonry makes it its mission to hire and retain only the finest masons and project managers. And to ensure a job is done to near perfection, we ensure that every member of our crew has received complete training in efficiency, estimating and on-site safety. Each job we do helps us improve the way we do things even more, as well as enhance the experience for each of our clients. We hire Masons who not only possess talent, skill, integrity and the know-how of masonry but also learn to develop a positive attitude and being able to grow and develop as contractors in the future.

The one great thing that we value above the tools, equipment, expertise, and experience that we possess, is providing the absolute best customer service and experience for our clients. But we also understand but there are things that we can control along the way such as work-related delays or delayed materials. Still, we try and always give our best performance during any project no matter the scale or complexity involved.



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