Stone Masonry Guelph

White Stone wallCountless trials and errors with numerous stonework projects have allowed us to develop a second nature with this type of masonry. Now, we’re able to handle a variety of stonework construction such as flagstone walkways and patios, retaining walls, building full walls for houses and buildings, wall copings, windowsills as well as fireplaces. We also have a good hand at natural stonework, which is one of the hardest categories of masonry that requires extreme attention to detail, as well as the know-how of how to arrange the stones to get that desired outcome in the end.

Even though it’s a fact that stone is the most expensive of all the other building materials involved, the payoff is just too good in the end due to the natural-looking finish that cannot be seen with other materials. What makes our stonework so appealing to our clients is that not only do we work hard to ensure a high-quality end product, but we also ensure to keep costs low by sourcing stone from several distributors as well as offer a reasonable fee for our labor.

We also create numerous interior stonewalls whether it involves resurfacing your fireplace or giving the walls to your home a beautiful accent. It’s all a matter of you taking the place as well as the kind of stone you would like for your project, and the rest is up to us to deliver the finished products quickly, but with precision and care.

Other stone masonry types include:

● The creation of stone pillars or walls
● Ashlar masonry – stones are cut to construct a wall
● Rubble masonry – wall interiors are filled using a mortar and roughly cut stones.


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