Brick Repair and Installation in Guelph ON

Brickwork with cement in NewarkHave you ever heard of this phenomenon known as a spalling brick? Put simply, it is when bricks fall apart or crumble away. This is due to a variety of reasons, but it’s mostly due to the results of water that internally freezes and thaws, which eventually causes the brick to weaken. Just as how asphalt starts to crack and how plot holes are formed on the streets of Guelph, small bricks go through the same process, but only reveals itself after much longer.

Spalled bricks are not to be taken lightly as a week in the external integrity of our house on the outside and exposing it to the elements. If moisture or water Stephen between the wall and the outer brick surface, mildew and mold will start accumulating, endangering your health as well as that of your family. Or worse, it could cause the wall to collapse due to the increasing number of small bricks. And that is why it is essential to fix this issue before it comes to that.

WLC Masonry has provided exceptional brickwork construction services to customers in Guelph, Ontario for over many years now. That’s why you can trust our masons who have seen and done it all, utilizing the best tools, experience, and practices in their arsenal in providing you the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing brickwork that you will find anywhere.

We mainly specialize in brick replacement, pillory bills, window and door resizing, exterior wall refacing, and more. Most products require looking for a match to an existing brick on any type of structure. And thanks to the years of experience that we’ve accumulated, we will be able to isolate the most appropriate match whether the building is about 10 or even 100 years old.


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