Paving wallWe’re certain you’re familiar with how atrocious your driveway and sidewalk look due to its concrete or cement surface becoming chipped or cracked as time goes by. But you don’t need to worry because WLC Masonry boasts a good chunk of paving professionals who know a thing or two about handling bricks, tiles, stones, asphalt, or any other type of concrete that could use a good little patching up or a complete makeover. We offer striping services and also full seal coating depending on whatever your residential or commercial requirements may be.

The paving services we provide include installation of tiles, stone bricks, pour concrete driveways or house pads, and lay asphalt. We offer home additions or complete installations of foundation concrete padding. We also handle fillings for parking lot plot holes, repair concrete pool decks, curb adjustments, and sidewalks.

Nowadays, having high-quality concrete pavements is a must no matter where we go. No homeowner can really stand the sight of huge gaps or cracks on their driveway or sidewalks and these are the kind of clients that we aim for.

To us, applying techniques as simple as mud jacking or even replacing an entire section of cement (depending on the extent of the damage) isn’t really a problem. This is also accounting for the fact that we do our absolute best to reduce the overall cost of the job while also ensuring the most optimal results when all is said and done.

When it comes to pool decks, driveways, walkways, and patios, we usually apply stamped concrete methods and coloring agents to give your concrete a facelift that dazzles the crowd which is displayed in the stained look that gives the surface a more sophisticated gleam, unlike a regular concrete surface.


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