Chimneys Repair, Repointing, Fireplace Installation And More

Two Chimneys over the roofPatching up either indoor or outdoor fireplaces and chimneys are some of our specialties, so you can rest assured that you have a nice cozy place to relax to quickly, efficiently, and in style. Our chimney experts and technicians are certified and will review any kind of chimney repair or maintenance that is required for your household. More often than not, chimneys are overlooked, neglected or just considered insignificant in many households. This is quite sad as a proper functioning chimney is essential to the proper operation of your wood stoves and fireplaces. After all, chimneys are essential when it comes to staying warm during the harsh cold winters.

Most common repairs done to chimneys are up on the roof and inside the firebox. The reason for this is because the direct flame emitting harsh heat that then weakens the brick-and-mortar within the firebox, as well as on the roof, and that the freeze-thaw cycle weakens the chimney's top. It's only after being exposed to the byproducts and harsh elements of combustion will the chimney's masonry materials start deteriorating. Luckily, our chimney experts are skilled and equipped in tuckpointing and masonry repair for both up the roof and inside the firebox.

We'll be sure to restore your chimney so that it looks great and functions the way it should. Our crew will repair and seal or rework the crown of your chimney to make sure that water, snow, and rain doesn't get through your chimney's delicate areas. We cover a wide range of repair and reconstruction for masonry as well as factory-based chimneys.


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