Concrete and Foundation Repair, Guelph ON

Concrete vibration workConcrete repair is necessary when existing concrete hardens over time due to weather changes, usage, settlement, and exposure to the elements. What happens then is that concrete either chips, cracks, or wears out. We here at WLC Masonry cover an array of interior and exterior concrete services including patios, basement floors, stairs, slabs, walkways, driveways, flatware, foundations and more. Our contractors are deeply knowledgeable and seasoned in handling concrete projects and delivering astounding results at the end of it all. We utilize a mix of seamless concrete construction and aesthetically-appealing masonry that is been reflected in all of our projects. We’ll be more than happy to offer our clients pictures and share the location of our concrete assignments so they can get an up-close and personal look at what we do and how we do it.

No matter how complex the concrete finishing or forming is, we’ll do all that it takes to get the job done and leave you 100% satisfied at the end of it. No matter if it has anything to do with a retaining wall, a new driveway pour, a block repair job, or developing a new foundation overall, we can do it all.

Our team of highly talented and qualified concrete masonry workers not only have the expertise but also the imagination to breathe something new and exciting in our work. To repair any cracks and joints on your concrete surface, we utilize repair methods such as routing or sawing to ensure the sealer’s adhesion is applied without fail and that the proper shape takes form. Repairs can include partial depth chipping or milling to get rid of any spalled or deteriorated concrete, and even remove any concrete if required.


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