Concrete Parging and Repair in Guelph Ontario

Masonary parging workInstead of opting for masonry repointing, which involves plenty of heavy lifting and costs a lot of money, a quicker, efficient and more affordable solution exists, which is parging. This refers to the coating of the above-grade foundation’s exterior walls using a special protective coat of cement. WLC Masonry will be sure to apply cement of only the best quality available that will take care of bug holes, moisture problems or other types of issues. Not only will your foundation benefit from this protective coat, but the overall finished product will look sophisticated and pleasing.

Parging that is applied below grade on block foundation is done so along with blue skin or Platon waterproof system. Parging can actually be applied to both interiors as well as exterior walls. For interior walls, parging can cover as well as a waterproof and antiquated stone wall. Parging can also be applied to an interior stone wall to improve a basement’s look and enhance energy efficiency.

Regular masonry companies would just apply the parts to your foundation, but Masonry Guelph goes beyond that margin to ensure the finish looks neat and offers the best protection possible. And not only do we cover foundations, but we also specialize in block wall parging, chimney parging, and more. Our proprietary cement coat is solid and will offer protection to your foundation from excessive humidity that will last you for decades.

WLC Masonry ​also takes care of parging that has been undone or is near the end of its time using a mix of handheld jackhammers and hand tools. We will remove any loose material, grind out any cracks, and apply a fresh coat of bonding solution before applying the parging.


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